The DBZ Faulconer Remix team are focused on creating a brand new score for the Saiyan/Namek Sagas of Dragonball Z in the style of the iconic Faulconer...View Details

Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code KIWITALKZ at! Emily McGregor is an experienced artist in the video game industry ...View Details

Lawrence Schwedler is a program director for the music and sound design program at Digipen. He previously spent a considerable amount of years working...View Details

Curtis Schweitzer is a video game composer that recently scored a majority of the soundtrack for Halo Infinite, he came into prominence for his phenom...View Details

Jack Mathews is a game designer who is most well known for being technical lead engineer on the Metroid Prime Trilogy. We went onto found Armature Stu...View Details

Richard Jacques is a video game composer who has composed for games such as Mass Effect, 007 Bloodstone, Sonic and the recent Guardians Of The Galaxy ...View Details

Kynan Pearson is a game developer who has worked on prestigious game franchises such as Metroid, Donkey Kong and Halo. He is currently Creative Direct...View Details

Steven Davis is a stuntman and stunt choreographer who has been involved in many films such as The Hobbit Trilogy, Ghost In A Shell, Warrior and more....View Details

Clark Wen is a sound designer who owns the sound studios Exile Sound. He has worked on game franchises such as Guitar Hero and Call Of Duty. He is mos...View Details

Robin Beanland has been a mainline composer at Rare since the early 90s and has worked on franchises such as Killer Instinct, Jet Force Gemini and Con...View Details

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