Dr. Ben Peters is a Professional Practicer at the University Of Otago and has a PHD in biochemistry, he is an avid spokesman for Gene Editing and is a political MP for the TOP party in Dunedin.


FACEBOOK - https://m.facebook.com/BenPetersTOP/

TWITTER - @benapeters


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00:00 - Intro

00:45 - Bringing Back The Wooly Mammoth

04:01 - What Gene Editing Is And Its Utilisations

06:26 - What Is Deemed Natural In The Gene World

09:12 - Applications Of Gene Editing/Gene Editing Plants/Enzymes

11:02 - Why Politicians Haven’t Updated Legislation On Gene Editing

12:20 - Politicians Aren’t Scientists

13:49 - Plastic Eating Enzymes And How They Work

16:50 - How Side Effects Are Prevented From Editing Enzymes

17:51 - Using Gene Editing To Make Pests Infertile

20:52 - Cane Toads/ Destabilising Pest Species

23:32 - Protocol Before Gene Editing Can Happen In Food

28:34-  How The Covid Vaccines Work/Why Anti Vaxxers Exist

33:51 - How & Why The Covid Vaccine Was Fast Tracked

38:10 - Long Term Effects From Covid Vs Vaccine

40:43 - Gene Editing Can Be Used For Diseases Such As Diabetes

41:56 - Still Unknown Whether Gene Editing Can Help With Brain Diseases

43:20 - Gut Microbiome/Fecal Transplants

45:03 - Bliss Probiotics

46:01 - Diabetes And When Gene Editing Should Apply

49:26 - How To Avoid Chain Reactions From Gene Editing

51:38 - Cytokine Storms Are Unlikely To Happen From Gene Editing

52:50 - How CRISPR Changed Gene Editing

54:11 - How Much Time CRISPR Saves

56:25 - CRISPR Has Opened The Flood Gates Of Gene Editing

58:08 - Chinese Scientist Who Removed HIV From Babies From Gene Editing

59:54 - NZs Foolish Legislation Around Gene Editing

1:04:20 - Why Dr’s & Scientists Avoid Getting Into Politics/Why Ben Joined TOP

1:07:55 - Ben Will Often Self Diagnose Due To Understanding So Much About Science

1:10:14 - Where To Follow Dr. Ben Peters

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