Ted Anderson is an artist who is most well known for his tenure at Retro Studios working on both Donkey Kong Country games and Mario Kart 7. He currently works for Pixel Pushers Union 512 and recently released the game Tonight We Riot.


Pixel Pushers - @ppu512

Twitter - @pixel_possum

Tonight We Riot - https://tonightweriot.com/


#donkeykong #mariokart #retrostudios



00:00 - Intro

00:45 - How Ted Ended Up At Retro Studios

02:45 - Nintendo’s Philosophy On Art/Retro Helped Form His Artstyle

06:00 - Stylised Art/Warhammer’s Art Helped With Artstyle Of DKCR

08:15 - Dynamic With The Artists At Retro

09:20 - Creating Texture Libraries For DKCR

12:20 - Challenges Of Migrating Over To The Wii U Hardware

15:45 - Why Concept Art Is Needed/Boundaries Of An Artist

17:00 - Designing Grassland Grooves In DKCTF

19:50 - Working On World 5(The Fruit World) 

20:45 - Collaborating With Eric Kozlowsky

22:45 - Ted Struggles With Water Levels/Specialty In Mechanical Structures

24:15 - Stylised & Realistic Art Challenges

26:30 - Dynamic Between Retro Studios & NOJ/DK Blow Mechanic Story

28:45 - Ted Got Given All The Assets For The Entire Mario Kart Franchise While Working On MK7

30:15 - Many Of Retro’s Staff Didnt Want To Work On Mario Kart 7/Early 3DS Development Kits

32:29 - MK7 Tracks Ted Worked On

33:18 - Ted Went Above And Beyond To Make Shy Guy Bazaar Track

36:10 - Ted Is A Quick Artist

36:40 - How Ted Works Fast But Still Maintains Quality

39:30 - How To Work Around Hardware Limitations

41:10 - How To Design Machinery 

45:50 - Ted Worked Off Hours On Shyguy Bazaar To Make It Special

47:12 - How The Metroid Easter Eggs In Donkey Kong Came About/Crocomire Reference

48:45 - Retro’s Design Team/Artists Killing Some Designers Ideas

50:40 - Collaborating With Designers

52:10 - Foreground & Background Design In DKCR

53:50 - Making DK The Focus In Levels With Destructive Terrain

56:40 - Its A Fireable Offence To Work On Personal Games Well At Nintendo

1:00:00 - Publishers Should Encourage Developers To Work On Personal Projects Off Hours

1:01:00 - Certification 

1:03:30 - Ted Shows Off His Retro Mementos 

1:04:20 - Where To Follow Ted Anderson/Pixel Pushers

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