Associate Professor Jan Elridge is an astrophysicist at the University Of Auckland her main research is on the life and death of stars.


TWITTER - @astro_jje

*DISCLAIMER* Apologies for Jan's audio, not much I could do about it as it wasn't the greatest on her end.

#astrophysics #blackholes #gammarays



00:00 - Intro

00:42 - Studying Astrophysics And Still Barely Knowing Anything About It

01:11 - Studying The Stars/Gravitational Waves

03:27 - One Thing Causing An Entire Programme Model To Be Off

04:30 - Supernovae/Black Hole Dimensions

06:00 - How BPASS Programme Works

08:06 - How Long It Takes To Make A Model

10:45 - Films Portrayals Of Space/Black Holes

13:32 - Jan Is A Fan Of Sci-Fi/Dr WHO/Astronomer Debates

16:25 - Structures Of Stars

19:25 - The Sun

20:04 - What Would Happen If The Sun Disappeared

21:30 - How To Survive On Earth If The Sun Disappeared

22:51 - Gamma Ray Bursts/How They Were Discovered

27:48 - The Area A Gamma Ray Explosion Would Cause

31:10 - Shooting Stars Aren’t Shooting Stars/History

33:26 - Why Shooting Stars Haven’t Been Corrected To Be Shooting Meteorites

35:13 - Astronomy Leads To Philosophical & Ethical Questions

37:04 - Where Do We Come From

38:03 - The Flaws In Elon Musk’s MARS Mission

41:34 - Space Is Hostile/It Would Be Better To Go To The Moon First

42:50 - Films That Are Accurate In Dictating MARS 

44:30 - The Chance Of Satellites Being Destroyed From A Chain Reaction

46:37 - Bringing Space Junk Down To Earth To Burn Up In The Atmosphere

48:38 - Beaming Light From Space Satellites To Earth/Why We Use Cables

50:54 - A Difference Between Theorists And Observers

53:44 - Professional Amateur Astronomers/Theorists& Observers Collaborating

57:10 - How To Rebuttal A Flat Earth Theorist

59:43 - Where To Follow Jan Elridge

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