Rob Vickery is a venture capital investor who has been primarily based out of Silicon Valley for the last 10 years. He moved to NZ in 2020 to help start up businesses in NZ to thrive. He is on a mission as managing partner at Hillfarrance to help create a billion dollar NZ business.



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00:00 - Intro

00:32 - What Is A Venture Capitalist

02:55 - Having A Good Bullshitter Meter

05:05 - Rob’s Reason For Moving To NZ From California

07:57 - Cultivating NZ Entrepreneurs/NZ Capitalising On How It Handled Covid

09:53 - Trying To Educate Government On Venture Capitalists

11:37 - Rise Of E-Sports/Why Rob Doesn’t Invest In E-Sports

13:58 - Difference Between Entrepreneurs Of NZ Vs California/What NZ Entrepreneurs Don’t Do

17:57 - Rob Loves His Job/Honour Of Working With Entrepreneurs

20:05 - Venture Capitalists Are Entrepreneurs As Well

20:29 - Working With Maori & Pasifika Entrepreneurs/Maori & Pasifika Are Amazing Salesman

23:18 - Hillfarrance Will Be Opening In Hamilton

24:21 - Roadshow With Entrepreneurial Community Over The Next Few Months

25:35 - Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

30:07 - Thinking Global Instead Of Local

32:17 - Things About NZ Rob Was Surprised By

33:44 - Rob Was Surprised By NZ’s Poverty & Housing Problem

35:01 - Tall Poppy Syndrome Is A Huge Risk To Entrepreneurs In NZ

38:38 - Tall Poppy Syndrome Exists In Britain

39:40 - Combatting Tall Poppy Syndrome/Entrepreneurship Schools

43:44 - Covid Has Divided People

44:20 - Why America Is Divided

46:28 - How Trump, BLM & Covid Affected The Entrepreneurs In California & Silicon Valley/Why Rob Left America

54:50 - Arranging To Come To NZ Took Quite A Long Time/Rob Is Thankful To NZ

59:24 - Rob Doesn’t Like American Billionaires Taking Refuge In NZ Without Investing In The Country

1:03:25 - Gabe Newells/James Cameron Investment Into NZ

1:04:48 - Wealthy People/How Much Wealth Do You Realistically Need

1:06:30 - Northland Needs More Investment/Investing Into People

1:07:34 - Where To Follow Rob Vickery/Hillfarrence

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