John Callen is a NZ Actor who has been acting for over 40 years. He is most well known for playing Oin in the Hobbit.

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00:00 - Intro

00:45 - Feeling Old Well Shooting The Hobbit/Weight Of Dwarf Suits

03:23 - Getting A Hernia While Shooting The Hobbit

06:19 - Scottish Accent For Audition/Auditioning For Smaug

07:26 - John Redoes His Smaug Audition Voice

08:15 - Voice Acting Got John Into The Industry/Time As A Journalist

11:44 - What Peter Jackson Is Like/LOTR’s Affect On NZ Film/TV Industry

16:28 - John Is For A Union In NZ/Hobbit Law

21:51 - Different Views On Hobbit Law/Camaraderie Of Actors On Set

23:42 - Debate Over The Hobbit Law/John’s Secret Spy/

27:20 - John’s Experience On Set/Jed Brophy

29:58 - Having To Wait Around On Set/Getting Free Wine

31:59 - What John Would Do While Waiting Around To Be Used

34:23 - Adam Brown/How John Prevented Rashes From Dwarvf Beards

35:39 - Hair For Dwarves Was From Yaks/Food Getting Stuck In The Beard

37:58 - John’s Arthritis/Dwarf Hands

40:34 - Beorn’s House Set/Set Design

42:54 - Bag End Shoot Between The Dwarves And Gandalf/Ian McKellen Story

45:34 - John Talks Working With Martin Freeman, Billy Connolly and Ian McKellen

48:57 - John Dealing With An Unprofessional Actor While Directing Shortland Street

51:03 - Difference Between Stage Vs Film/TV

53:16 - John’s Directing Style/Shortland Street Actor Requirements

55:20 - Time Constraints

57:10 - Comparing Directing Style To Peter Jackson’s

58:39 - Peter Jackson’s Plans Sometimes Not Coming To Fruition/Lake Town Set Change

1:00:00 - Producing/Story Of Producer Losing Everything

1:04:25 - Unions Vs Non Unions

1:05:26 - Working On The Hobbit Was An Amazing Experience

1:06:41 - Voice Acting On A Star Wars Game

1:09:18 - John Took A Drama School To Voice Acting Sessions

1:10:14 - Doing Audio Books For The Blind

1:11:10 - Where To Follow John Callen

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