Robin Beanland has been a mainline composer at Rare since the early 90s and has worked on franchises such as Killer Instinct, Jet Force Gemini and Conker's Bad Fur Day. He won awards for his recent work on Sea Of Thieves.


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00:00 - Intro

00:58 - How Much Of Sea Of Thieves Was Recorded During The Pandemic

01:16 - Transition Period Of Working From Home On Sea Of Thieves Vs Kinect Sports

03:30 - Finding Unorthodox Instruments Used For Sea Of Thieves

05:19 - Learning How To Use & Record The Hurdy Gurdy For Sea Of Thieves

08:47 - Sea Of Thieves Main Theme/Cow Ribs

10:52 - We Shall Sail Together Theme

13:38 - Robin Composes With Melody In Mind

14:45 - Composing Killer Instinct/The Early Rare Days

16:25 - David Wise Was A Master Of HEX/Robin Avoiding HEX

17:50 - DKC Funky Kong Theme Was Originally Written For Killer Instinct

19:40 - How Short Robin Had To Keep Killer Instinct Themes/Keeping Music Under 4MB

20:30 - Combo’s Theme/Compression System

21:49 - Killer Instinct Killer Cuts Album Was Written After The Original Music Was Composed

22:15 - Sabrewulfs Theme Originally

23:45 - Cinder’s Theme Had To Be Shortened/Avoiding Feedback

25:30 - Discussions Over Shortening Music With Developers/Sample Rate Was 32Khz

27:19 - 90’s Music Influenced Diversity Of Killer Instinct Soundtrack

29:55 - Robin Would Be Open To Scoring Another Fighting Game 

31:00 - Robin Gave Mick Gordon DAT Tapes From Killer Instinct

31:48 - Why The Culture Of Rare Has Stayed The Same From The Nintendo To Microsoft Era/In-house Composing

37:45 - Its A Long Process For Robin To Find A Musical Palette

39:39 - Being In The Musical Zone/Exploring

41:19 - Deadlines/Arts Never Finished/

42:22 - The First Listen Of The Day Is The Most Important/Taking Breaks

43:46 - Cycling Caused Robin To Be Addicted Lollies & Chocolate

45:01 - Robin Thinks Of Melodies Well Cycling

46:30 - Loony Tunes Inspired Conker’s Bad Fur Day Music

48:15 - Being Inspired By The Rare Developers/Instruments Robin Plays

49:05 - The Accessibility Of Playing Music/Not Many Effects Used On Sea Of Thieves/Waterphone

51:45 - Taking An Instrument And Playing It In A Way Its Not Meant To Be Played/Spitfire

54:05 - Just Create & Don’t Worry About Having All The Gadgets

56:25 - Implementation Of The Music In Sea Of Thieves

1:00:36 - Robin Doesn’t Get Offended When His Music Gets Rejected

1:01:20 - A Tune From Conker’s Bad Fur Day Ended Up In Jet Force Gemini/Cutting Room Floor Tunes

1:02:50 - Robin Is Influenced By Miles Davis Philosophy

1:04:04 - Robin Thinks Mick Gordon’s Sound Is Incredible/Loves His Sabrewulf Theme

1:05:23 - Where To Follow Robin Beanland

1:06:15 - Meeting Shigeru Miyamoto & Phil Spencer

1:07:11 - The Gaming Industry Is More Grounded Than Music & Film

1:09:30 - Bike Rides/Find Something You Enjoy

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