David Levy is a film, television and video game composer who is most well known for partly composing the soundtrack to the DOOM Eternal DLC - The Anci...View Details

Joe Houston is a programmer/engineer who is most well known for his tenure at Bluepoint Games working on games such as Shadow Of The Colossus, Titanfa...View Details

Ben Kasparek was the music editor on the English Dub of Dragonball Z for the Android, Cell and Buu Sagas of DBZ and worked closely with the composers ...View Details

DoctorM64 is the man behind the Metroid 2 fan remake AM2R. He spent over 8 years developing it in his spare time. His efforts werent in vain as now he...View Details

Josh Weier was a game developer at Valve for over 14 years and worked on franchises such as Portal and Half Life. He was the project lead designer on ...View Details

Carlos Mendieta is an animator in the video game industry. He is most well known for his tenure at Retro Studios where he worked on Metroid Prime 2 &a...View Details

Legendary Wes was one of the Top Tier smash bros players in the golden era of Smash Bros Melee competitions. He was particularly known for being one o...View Details

Gavin Price was previously employed at Rare for over 15 years and started off as Quality Assurance Tester before moving into game development. He has ...View Details

Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code KIWITALKZ at MANSCAPED.com! Richard Vorodi currently works as a designer at Gunfire Games and w...View Details

Zoid is a retired game developer who worked in the industry for over 32 years on games such as World Of Warcraft, Dota 2, Portal, Quake and Metroid Pr...View Details

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